The Voice Tracker is a radio station voice tracking service with voice tracks that sound so local, your listeners will think I’m in your studio!  And, I do it without breaking the budget.

What’s Happening:

The Voice Tracker welcomes 2 new stations! Mad Mix 106 and T100.3 are taking advantage of the benefits and you should too!.  


iBiquity, the innovators of ‘HD Radio’, trusted us to produce their retail sales demo CD. Go to the voice-over demos page for a link to the iBiquity web site to hear the tracks I produced for them. Need help with YOUR production? Call us!

The Voice Tracker is celebrating our 13th anniversary on WKTG!  Thanks to Bob and the great crew in Kentucky.


The Voice Tracker thanks Quinn and Hary Marketing. I provided the voice-over for the videos they produced for the Connecticut Conference on Tourism.  Click here to check it out.