How I Can Help

Big radio groups have hundreds of air talent to share among their stations.  If you don’t have that luxury, I’m here to help you compete.  It’s not only possible, but easy! Take a few minutes to learn how I can help, and thanks.



• Salaries are on the rise..... VoiceTracker is $125/week(5 shows)!
• Benefits are skyrocketing..... VoiceTracker doesn't need them!
• Satellite programs aren't local..... VoiceTracker content is totally local!
• Scheduling headaches..... VoiceTracker never calls in sick!
• Inexperienced announcers..... VoiceTracker uses seasoned pros!
• Personality conflicts..... VoiceTracker encourages critiques!


Here's how it works.....

Overview:  Voice Tracker prepares an entire daypart complete with local liners, local weather, local PSA's, local show prep and more....EVERY DAY. I post the audio to our web site and send you an e-mail with a link to the download.  Delivery can also include DropBox. 
Show Prep: At the heart of any good radio program is show prep. And I take the time to do it right. I'll even read your local newspaper if they're online. You e-mail  your station liners, playlist, etc. and I'll deliver a show tailor-made to your specifications, your station and your market.